I encourage all potential clients to complete my in-depth discovery questionnaire (available in the top menu) so I can get a full understanding of your business and your goals for your new logo.

A logo is the first impression that your customers see and is the centerpiece of all brand communication. 

Research is all about analyzing the industry in more detail, conducting visual research and drawing conclusions.

 The questionnaire gives me a good idea of your needs and how you want others to view your business.


Sketching and brainstorming is where real creativity comes into play and I start bringing your ideas to life!

I get right to work creating your brand or logo based on everything I’ve learned in our discovery phase. This step usually takes a few days, so you can relax (or anxiously wait) while I work on your design concept. 

As with any relationship, communication is key, so I’m just an email or text away and always here for questions as the creation process gets going and we move into the next phase.


The design phase is all about translating sketches into digital form and further testing the viability of each concept.

This phase can take a few days to a few weeks while I tweak our designs by testing different colors, fonts, spacing, etc. before fully executing your ideas.

This is our chance to make changes if needed. After you review the concepts, you send over feedback so I can make any necessary revisions and adjustments. We can leave it as-is, combine elements of each or make small tweaks until your design is perfect! 


Once we’ve finalized your project, I will put together your final logo package with all the files you will need. Depending on how you plan to use your logo or design, different file types will be necessary.

If several file types are needed, I will provide a cheat sheet so you know how to use each one. 

Due to large file sizes, you have the option of receiving a flash-drive in the mail with all design files or I can send the files over to you immediately by email with WeTransfer. It provides a link that allows you to download your files within 7 days.